So, how important is YOUR work?

Yesterday at work I was given the task to produce this image for a website I know almost nothing about. The brief was quite clear and I spent two days on it. I’m happy with the result and it was quite fun to do, and maybe precisely because of that I’m a bit uncomfortable with the idea that someone is going to review it and rework it before it gets published in its final form.

I’m not too keen on authorship and I’m happy to do somewhat collective work. For some reason, however, I have the feeling that when I let go of this work something will happen that I won’t be happy with, and that’s why I insisted to carry it to this stage although I would have been supposed to hand it over at an earlier point. This way I have a somewhat finished thing that someone else is going to base some further work on, but this intermediate stage is still complete enough for me to stick it into my portfolio or present as my own if I ever want to.

I feel a bit weird about the whole thing because my behaviour is for me in blatant contradiction with my ideas on teamwork, authorship and intellectual property, but I think this is just a sign of my general unease with my present situation at work, where if things would be different in the first place I’d be much happier with sharing my work/effort/authorship with others.

Speaking of which, according to my Internship Agreement the image above is the intellectual property of Webjam Ltd.

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