rAtstar I

This week I also did this flyer for rAtstar, the newly opened social centre in Camberwell.

I started out with some random sketches as usual, trying to figure out what I understood this space to be. The first thing that came out was this crust guy, but I found him quite boring quite quickly and went on to do more sketches. I thought I could make a bunch of faces and have a series of different flyers. One thing that was quite stressed at the meetings was that we should try to get the local population involved into the space instead of alienating them with the usual radical-ist verbal jumble, and I thought that I could visually achieve this with stuff along the following lines:

(it’s kind of annoying that you can see through the stuff on the other side of the paper through the drawings, but kind of funny too)

However, I wasn’t very excited about any of the things that were coming out, and being a bit under time pressure just went for a very regular, highly neutral layout:

(the rAtstar logo is not quite my work, it comes from a sign on the front of the social centre that someone else did with big chunky helvetica letters, I’ll post a photo of it here as soon as I can)

Soon I was unpleased with this design, it looked like a business card from some “creative agency” or something like that: it bored my brain to death. Talking to someone from the project about it, they said that it was a shame that there is no rat on the flyer. I kind of agreed with that, but I couldn’t think of anything good for the flyer until it occurred to me that I had already done a painting of a mouse that I could easily adapt to rAtstar’s purposes.

So within a couple of hours I crammed the two last images into what I regard as the result of this whole thing:

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