Queer Picnic I

I did this flyer for the Queer Invisible Academy (of which I am part, btw).

I started out with this random sketch, which I found kind of funny but not completely satisfying. I wanted to have some gender-ambiguous characters but I realised that even my lovely queers could have something prescriptive from that point of view, and that instead of replacing precision with blurryness they just kind of introduced another, weirder (?) set of rules. I was tight on time so instead of starting off something completely new i just redrew the two little folks in illustrator filling them out, stole the typography from my recent poster for Zossen and there it was!

(The upper-left corner of the flag was hand-coloured with a marker by me in each and every flyer – fortunaltely we didn’t do a lot of them. Is this what they call post-production?)

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