Music for Asteroids

scramble sketch

At some point of the second term, during a Methods and Processes session, it was proposed that we think of a concept or a few concepts that best describe our way of working. Without thinking much I sketched the word “scramble” and casually wrote under it “unstructured reactive process / making things collide / unexpected, unrecognisable results”.

I’m coming back to this because I’m looking for a name for my website, and this is exactly what I want it to be: something that will sort of reflect an idea of what is behind my work. I like “scramble” but I must say that it really reflects more my way of working than its outcome… I feel like my finished works tend to look like I never went past that first year of architecture and I’m repeating again and again the same sublime corbusian mistakes.

Either this, or the “scrambling” goes a bit too uncontrolled and I wind up with stuff that doesn’t make a lot of sense. That was maybe the case when I decided to register the domain “Music for Asteroids (Joe Galaxi)” is a song by gronge, a pretty obscure and very experimental band from Rome that was mainly active in the early 90s and that hardly anyone under 40 and outside of Rome knows. The song is one of my favourites and I took its title in a moment of scrambling enthusiasm because of its surrealist quality and its synesthetic suggestions – what would be better than calling a design website something that evokes sound and outer space? In fact, a few years later, I must recognise that it wasn’t a great idea, as I struggle to find a connection between my work and asteroids, and the website never made it to be a self-contained project of any sort.

So scrambling is good and fun, but it’s obviously not the only thing involved in  producing stuff – much as you couldn’t conclude any project with a brainstorming. It still works if you’re into deconstructivist post-hip-hop typography though :-)

scramble (deconstructivist post-hip-hop typography)

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