Reconstructing the Temporary Autonomous Zone

This afternoon I celebrated a proper scanning orgy and digitalised everything in my sketchbook that is vaguely relevant to the documentation of my past two projects. Looking back at it, it seems to me that I did a ridiculously massive amount of conceptual work for such little output, and yes, I did manage to get stuck on this brief once or twice, while everyone else completed it within I think one month… You can see the final presentation material here by the way.

So, because I didn’t write any dates on my sketches or on the stuff I did outside the sketchbook, I find it a bit tricky to reconstruct this project’s timeline… instead of that I will try to recount the conceptual pathway that led to the project’s output. What better way to do this than a conceptual map?

first conceptual map

This is the first scheme I did when I began working on this brief, and I updated it a couple of times during the project. Starting from the centre, I started making a map of all the things I could possibly connect to the Greenwich Foot Tunnel (the space I had chosen for my intervention) to try and locate the thematic area(s) that I would want to work in and the stuff I would be interested in but had not enough knowledge about.

A couple of months later, being not sure of where my work was going, I tried to recapitulate the project so far, and in the process of sketching out this timeline I had a couple of ideas that would lead me and my work to a Happy End.

project's recapitulation map

between these two sketches was a load of mapping and some research, which I will soon write more about.

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