First post!

As my full-time colleagues are beginning to work on their final project I’m finally beginning to take a look at this wiki… I know I’m horribly late even if my part-timer deadlines are extremely loose and flexible, and I reckon that shifted deadlines are no good excuse for not touching the wiki once since October, but as of today the only sensible thing I can do is to start using it and actually document my work.

I’ll start three projects here which will progress parallelly:

1) the documentation of my academic work for MACP so far, which I will write in separate bits chopped out of the whole work following their thematic interrelation;

2) the documentation of the forthcoming work for MACP and otherwise as-it-happens, upcoming projects and other stuff. I’ll present work from my job and other random stuff; both these things will flow into

3) i’m redesigning my website and i want to change it to a new URL (the current one being I don’t want to call it because I don’t like my name too much and I don’t want to put my person in the foreground, and I’d like to have a sort of overarching title for my works and my practice. So after thinking about this for a few days I realised that I really need to sort of wrap up my work and finally decide what I want to do when I grow up. I think this might take a while to do and I want to share my thoughts on the topic with whomever is up for reading them and giving me some feedback.

In the meantime, I’ll have to figure out how this wiki is gonna look like, as I think a blog would be more appropriate than a wiki for this purpose. Stay tuned!

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